Last week, I got the opportunity to try out Fuji X100S. It belongs to my friend, Badi and he kindly enough to lend me his camera when i asked him if he agreed to swap camera for 3 days. I lent him my Fuji X-E1 and his beauty under my possession. lol. I'm quite familiar using Fuji X100S, because i was to be a proud owner of Fuji X100 before. I sold it to upgrade it to Fuji X-E1. haha. 

Three days wasn't enough to try it out, I didn't have enough time to take photos because i've got so many things to do. The Fuji X100S definitely delivers big improvements over his brother, the X100.The first thing that i notice was the buttons placement. It's more enjoyable to use, the AF button now in the right side. I can hold it only with one hand now! hooray! The auto-focus quite fast, but work poorly in low light area, so i have to switch to manual-focus so many times. Speaking of manual-focus, the MF works beautifully, i can easily focus to things that i want. You can activate focus peaking and digital split image (both are new features) to help you focus easily. I enjoy focus peaking the most, digital split image works well, but i just don't feel it. 

Okay, there so many improvement happened to this beauty, i won't explain it all, just browse trustable sources over the internet. The images are awesome. Take a look my random photos using Fuji X100S here  Thank you!

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